Gave into the hype

So I am late on this trend but I finished reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl who Played with Fire. I’m going to start the third book later on today. I’ve watched all three Swedish versions of the film – random marathon-style with my mother- and so far I have come to these opinions:

1. I can see how people were hyped. I can’t critique the language style of the book since it was done in translation and you never know if you’re really getting the original essence of the language, but the plot was definitely very engaging. It’s different seeing a female lead who has such an indescribable mix of qualities.

2. I think the film renditions were very well done. There were so much plot though and I think they handled cutting and revising scenes adequately. But right now I hate to say, that I enjoyed the Second movie more than the second book. I felt like something was lost in the second book and I can’t tell if it’s the style, a translation issue, or if my reading was affected by the fact that I watched the movie beforehand. I’ll give an update when I read the third.

3. Lisbeth’s tattoo looks way more badass in the film than described in the book.

4. I’m feeling like Steigg Larson intended to write more in this series, especially since there are mentions of Camille, Lisbeth’s sister that never materializes in the movies. Must see if there is more to it in the third book.

Now onto happy reading.


Blue Valentine

Bill Chance

All my life, movies have been very important to me. I have always enjoyed watching them, going to the theater, sitting there in the dark and waiting for the curtains to rise on a whole ‘nother world.

In this modern digital age, in this best of all possible worlds, we now have such access to film – at any time, in any place, we can watch anything we want. The entire world and history of cinema is available in forms that weren’t even imaginable only a decade ago.

But I don’t ever seem to have the time to sit down and watch anything.

The other evening, I had a lot to do. I had promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep. But I was still sick, tired, and worn out… so I decided to go lay down, turn on the cable, and watch whatever came up.


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job search

Its really disconcerting when you spend your time looking through all these job specifications, trying to sort through the ones that you don’t have requirements for and then tortuously waiting for a response that may never come. Job searching is a full-time job that I’m just not ready for, but I know I must do. Just need that motivation. My tutoring at City College is great but that’s going to end soon and I need something, anything. I can only say I’ve been blessed to have time working with students individually and feeling like I’m doing something worthwhile even if it is part-time. I don’t know if its in the spirit of finals time, but I’ve had some students this week who have stopped me to tell me I’ve really helped them learn. I cannot express how refreshing and heart-warming it is to see that not all my sessions involve students coming in and out just wanting to get a better grade on their papers; some students make great effort and improvement, which is what we’re all about there.

But back to the job hunt…

A first

My first entry in wordpress and I’m a bit hesitant on how to start. 

Maybe I should pretend this is my second entry. Then I’d feel less shy. 
Or actually, I’ll pretend it’s my 100th and there’s a reason to celebrate.

I’m a bit more comfortable now.  

So my first 100th post, I’d like to say thanks for reading and I hope to include more things here such as my writing, photographs, and things that interest me.  
If you’re new to my blog (just like I am) then I should fill you in a bit:
I graduated May ’11 and I’m looking for a job.
I like books. I write. 
I like blue, but these days I’ve been more specified toward teal. 
I was born in June. 
I like getting to know people. I’m good with people. Well at least thats how it seems with those who have stuck by me. 
I wish I could get paid to write about food. 
I’m hungry. 

 I like nonsensical things because many times they make perfect sense to me.  

Right now my username is an anagram. I wonder if people will notice beforehand.
I wonder why an anagram isn’t an anagram.
But that’s english for you.

And this is my blog for you, the reader, the audience, the critic, whatever you want to call yourself.
If you ever see this.
I hope you do.
I hope you see what I can write, what it’s important to me, what makes me laugh. 
I hope you’ll laugh with me.
Unless, I’m really not funny at all.  

Now I think I’m ranting?

But I can do that since it’s my 100th post right? And I’m almost a pro at this by now. Thanks for reading this far.

Oh, and my name is Mary.