Gave into the hype

So I am late on this trend but I finished reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl who Played with Fire. I’m going to start the third book later on today. I’ve watched all three Swedish versions of the film – random marathon-style with my mother- and so far I have come to these opinions:

1. I can see how people were hyped. I can’t critique the language style of the book since it was done in translation and you never know if you’re really getting the original essence of the language, but the plot was definitely very engaging. It’s different seeing a female lead who has such an indescribable mix of qualities.

2. I think the film renditions were very well done. There were so much plot though and I think they handled cutting and revising scenes adequately. But right now I hate to say, that I enjoyed the Second movie more than the second book. I felt like something was lost in the second book and I can’t tell if it’s the style, a translation issue, or if my reading was affected by the fact that I watched the movie beforehand. I’ll give an update when I read the third.

3. Lisbeth’s tattoo looks way more badass in the film than described in the book.

4. I’m feeling like Steigg Larson intended to write more in this series, especially since there are mentions of Camille, Lisbeth’s sister that never materializes in the movies. Must see if there is more to it in the third book.

Now onto happy reading.