A usual night in Forest Hills

Whenever I’m staying in Forest Hills, Queens, I usually never fail to make a weekly visit with a friend or two to Martha’s Bakery on Austin Street. The atmosphere is cozy, welcoming, and just makes you feel like you’re sort of in a country home with a splash of city. It’s become a staple in my list of places to go in Queens. I usually order one or two things but spend probably a couple of hours each time talking with friends. It gets very busy on the weekends but the good thing is you don’t have to feel worried. The space lets you relax and not have to worry about time. The only clock I saw in there was in parisian style hanging on the left corner, barely noticeable. The staff are friendly even though they might take a little while to get to you but overall my experiences there have been very satisfactory.

Usual order: Frappe and Very Berry Napoleon to share. (I first had a frappe when I studied for a month in Greece. It’s better than an ice coffee, creamier, more delightful if you’re really into sweet. So when I see it on the menu here I just can’t resist.)


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