job search

Its really disconcerting when you spend your time looking through all these job specifications, trying to sort through the ones that you don’t have requirements for and then tortuously waiting for a response that may never come. Job searching is a full-time job that I’m just not ready for, but I know I must do. Just need that motivation. My tutoring at City College is great but that’s going to end soon and I need something, anything. I can only say I’ve been blessed to have time working with students individually and feeling like I’m doing something worthwhile even if it is part-time. I don’t know if its in the spirit of finals time, but I’ve had some students this week who have stopped me to tell me I’ve really helped them learn. I cannot express how refreshing and heart-warming it is to see that not all my sessions involve students coming in and out just wanting to get a better grade on their papers; some students make great effort and improvement, which is what we’re all about there.

But back to the job hunt…