A first

My first entry in wordpress and I’m a bit hesitant on how to start. 

Maybe I should pretend this is my second entry. Then I’d feel less shy. 
Or actually, I’ll pretend it’s my 100th and there’s a reason to celebrate.

I’m a bit more comfortable now.  

So my first 100th post, I’d like to say thanks for reading and I hope to include more things here such as my writing, photographs, and things that interest me.  
If you’re new to my blog (just like I am) then I should fill you in a bit:
I graduated May ’11 and I’m looking for a job.
I like books. I write. 
I like blue, but these days I’ve been more specified toward teal. 
I was born in June. 
I like getting to know people. I’m good with people. Well at least thats how it seems with those who have stuck by me. 
I wish I could get paid to write about food. 
I’m hungry. 

 I like nonsensical things because many times they make perfect sense to me.  

Right now my username is an anagram. I wonder if people will notice beforehand.
I wonder why an anagram isn’t an anagram.
But that’s english for you.

And this is my blog for you, the reader, the audience, the critic, whatever you want to call yourself.
If you ever see this.
I hope you do.
I hope you see what I can write, what it’s important to me, what makes me laugh. 
I hope you’ll laugh with me.
Unless, I’m really not funny at all.  

Now I think I’m ranting?

But I can do that since it’s my 100th post right? And I’m almost a pro at this by now. Thanks for reading this far.

Oh, and my name is Mary.