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From Zora Neale Hurston’s novelization of folklore, Mules and Men:

It was slavery time, Zora, when Big Sixteen was a man. They called ‘im Sixteen  cause dat was de number of de shoe he wore. He was big and strong and Ole Massa looked to him to do everything.

One day Ole Massa said, “Big Sixteen, Ah b’lieve Ah want you to move dem sills Ah had hewed out down in de swamp.

“I yassuh, Massa.”

Big Sixteen went down in de swamp and picked up dem 12 X 12’s and brought ’em on up to de house and stack ,em. No one man ain’t never toted a 12 X 12 befo’ nor since.

So Ole Massa said one day, “Go fetch in de mules. Ah want to look ’em over.”

Big Sixteen went on down to, de pasture and caught dem mules by de bridle but they was…

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Steak Panini at Agora in Forest Hills

Steak Panini at Agora in Forest Hills

The photo only features half the sandwich as I was very hungry and couldn’t wait.

Steak Panini and Greek Fries in Forest Hills’ Agora. Its one of the newer establishments that I am actually pleased about. Agora is a greek restaurant but has a more of an Americanized feel to it. The decor is mainly white and light blue, reminiscent of the actual greek restaurants in Greece. For me, they’re a bit too pricy at dinner time but offer a great lunch menu and good deal on brunch for the area ($13.95 brunch including one drink). The atmosphere is bright and many people go there now including families and I feel that it has the ability to stand its ground and remain prominent for a long time in Forest Hills 🙂

With Food There’s Always a Story

Yes, I’m a foodie, which I guess is a euphemism for my being fat, but I feel pity for the people who don’t realize all the wonderful qualities of  food. Besides its taste, there’s always an atmosphere around food, and within that environment a moment, a story can be created. Knock it off to me being superfluous or romantic with the edible, but food really has that quality of story telling by just the recall of its sight or smell. Now here’s one:


Sushi, if I somehow haven’t mentioned it before, is my favorite. I don’t know what it is about the raw fish and rice combo, but it gets me. It’s like a best friend that always knows what to say when I’m having a hard time. I have a hard time venturing out from my common salmon roll and eel & avocado roll, but I’ve tried many and for the most part they’ve brought me delight.

This roll was eaten at Sushi Park on 2nd ave between 1st and 2nd. The place is quite adequate for the quality of sushi compared to the price. There they have this deal where you order rolls list price that have to total up to $14.95 at least and then there’s a 50% discount. So for my three rolls here the sum was $18.50 and the total was $9.25. Cheap favorite? Ultimate favorite combo.

So now,

If anyone does not know what the little lump of green is on the bottom left of the plate, then this story will be a good warning. My poor dear innocent friend, MF, never had sushi before. When we got to the place the rest of the group had all ordered rolls with avocado included. Unfortunately, this processed oddly in her mind and when she received her dish she thought the green lump was avocado when it was actually wasabi. Needless to say, she was in for an unhappy surprise.

She took a good chunk of it and within seconds she was in tears.

We asked her what was wrong and it took her a good minute to be able to explain what she had eaten. We all laughed and tried to look concerned at the same time, but it was just too much. Wasabi is deadly in its spice. Its not a regular kind of spice. It flames your tongue and rushes vigorously out through your nose. (Sometimes I feel its good for clearing sinuses.) Its a spice that is also very hard to calm quickly.

Who knew something so soft and delicate could you tear up inside?


A usual night in Forest Hills

Whenever I’m staying in Forest Hills, Queens, I usually never fail to make a weekly visit with a friend or two to Martha’s Bakery on Austin Street. The atmosphere is cozy, welcoming, and just makes you feel like you’re sort of in a country home with a splash of city. It’s become a staple in my list of places to go in Queens. I usually order one or two things but spend probably a couple of hours each time talking with friends. It gets very busy on the weekends but the good thing is you don’t have to feel worried. The space lets you relax and not have to worry about time. The only clock I saw in there was in parisian style hanging on the left corner, barely noticeable. The staff are friendly even though they might take a little while to get to you but overall my experiences there have been very satisfactory.

Usual order: Frappe and Very Berry Napoleon to share. (I first had a frappe when I studied for a month in Greece. It’s better than an ice coffee, creamier, more delightful if you’re really into sweet. So when I see it on the menu here I just can’t resist.)

Gave into the hype 2


I got my hipster glasses. Now I can feel normal in Williamsburg.

I actually got them basically for free (only paid $10 for shipping) from ALL FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS GET A FREE PAIR OF FRAMES (and yes they can be prescription). So if you want them…

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